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There's an old saying that if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is. Our response to the Wayne Master Plan Revision.


All updates are posted on this web site for easy reference or in case you missed one
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Here's what is going on ...

Issue 1. The multiple proposed low income and high density projects will only be the first of many, and will destroy Wayne as we know it. MORE

Issue 2. The proposed Revision to the Master Plan and subsequent resulting COAH obligations to build more low income and high density housing, will have a sizable negative effect on Wayne schools. (Mt. Laurel) MORE

Issue 3. The proposed low income and high density housing probably will affect property values and appreciation. MORE

Issue 4. Adult only housing can no longer be legally assured once approval for the project is given. MORE

Issue 5. The effect of low income and high density housing on the crime rate. MORE

Issue 6. The proposed construction of low income and high density housing throughout the township will change the character of Wayne forever. MORE

Issue 7. The proposed mixed use, retail and low income and high density housing will not reduce your taxes. MORE

Issue 8. Wayne can attract new businesses with the right leadership. MORE

Issue 9. Traffic will be increased and further deteriorate the quality of life in Wayne. MORE

Issue 10. This proposal was kept from the public, the council and the planning board and now is being rammed through with undo haste. MORE

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