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There's an old saying that if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is. Our response to the Wayne Master Plan Revision.


Download Flyer to Help Us

Download the flyer HERE and print it out on your printer. It might answer many of your questions. In fact, many of the key points on the flyer are covered on this web site. Click on the "Issue" buttons right here on the left side of your screen.

Deliver this flyer to your neighbors up and down your street. Tell your friends where to download this flyer and have them do the same on their streets. And deliver it other ways we haven't even thought of!

We need your help to spread the word to friends, relatives, neighbors, organizations, clubs, your elected officials and anyone else you can think of.

We must preserve the quality of life we moved here for in the first place BUT ONLY IF YOU AND THE REST OF US ACT NOW AND ON SEPTEMBER 9, 7:30 PM AT TOWN HALL..

Have questions? - click here. We have experts available to respond to them right back by email. Send them in by clicking here.

Want other information to get up to speed on what's being going on for the past six months? You can download it right here — read it, understand it, pass it all on to your friends and neighbors.

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