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There's an old saying that if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is. Our response to the Wayne Master Plan Revision.



This proposal was kept from the public, the council and the planning board and now is being rammed through with undo haste

That development of this change to the Master Plan has been anything but an open process. In addition the Mayor has stated that he already has developers for the projects proposed. This is the reverse of an open process and indicates that any pretense by him to listen to dissenting views objectively would be impossible and that the public hearings are in fact a sham.

The planning of the numerous proposed changes to the Master Plan evidently took place over at least a six month period. During this time they would have been completed one by one. Since they are “not a single-thread issue, that’s why it’s a comprehensive plan”  (Assistant Town Planner Linda Lutz Wayne Patch 8/19/13) it is obvious that these plans could at least have been released for public comment as they were completed, although releasing them prior to each being completed would have made for more meaningful public input. The release of all the sections of the proposed changes at the same time and the fast tracking of these proposals gives the public a very limited time to discuss them among themselves and to make their views known to their elected representatives.

Further, evidently at least some and possibly all, planning board and town council members knew nothing about this plan until it was presented. Nor evidently did the Wayne Industrial and Economic Development Commission which is charged by ordinance with conferring “with the Township Administration, Township Council, the Planning Board and other municipal agencies, as necessary, concerning land use issues, ordinances and resolutions that may have an impact upon commercial and retail uses in the Township.”
Although he was ultimately overruled by the courts, Governor Christie tried to eliminate COAH http://www.njbiz.com/article/20130710/NJBIZ01/130719972/Supreme-Court-reject For unknown reasons the Mayor is proposing the very thing Governor Christie tried to stop.