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What's wrong with this picture?

There's an old saying that if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is. Our response to the Wayne Master Plan Revision.


The proposed Revision to the Master Plan and subsequent resulting COAH obligations to build more low income and high density housing, will have a sizable negative effect on Wayne schools (Mt. Laurel)

Leaving the current zoning in place without low income and high density developments puts no additional strain on schools, public services or infrastructure.
On average, apartments house fewer school-age children (0.31 per household) than single-family residences (0.53 per household). (National Multi Housing Council) Birth rate by family income in the United States in 2010; 98.30 children were born per 1,000 women in families with an income of less than 10,000 U.S. dollars whereas only 54.8 children were born per 1,000 women from families with an annual income of 75,000 U.S. dollars.*( Source United States US Census Bureau 2010 © Statista 2013) The birth rate is highest for the low income families and lowest for high income families.

In neighboring Cedar Grove where the Mayor and Council are fighting against low income and high density development and are now in court trying to stop the development, it is “estimated with almost 500 new units in the development, almost 1,000 more vehicles could be operating in the area. It may also mean as many as 500 to 900 more students attending Cedar Grove schools.” (Verona-Cedar Grove Patch 6/19/12) While there are differences in the low income and high density proposals for Wayne and Cedar Grove it is obvious that the Cedar Grove Mayor has a position which is diametrically opposed to the Mayor of Wayne.
As to services, there is a tipping point where towns that have increases in population get so large that services such as fire and first aid need to be provided by paid professional departments adding considerable costs  to the taxpayers.

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