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There's an old saying that if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is. Our response to the Wayne Master Plan Revision.



A Wayne Concerned Citizen 12/20

From what was observed on the front page of the Wayne Today issue of December 19, 2013, it looks like the embarrassment of the discovery that the Wayne Economic Development Commission kept no minutes of their meetings was cause and effect resulting in an ordinance being necessary for local boards, commissions and agencies to make it a legal requirement to keep such records.

This may also smooth the path somewhat for those businesses already in town, and those wishing to come into Wayne, who have to deal with those boards,
commissions and agencies.

A Wayne Concerned Citizen 11/26

There’s an old political commentary, usually made when an opponent sees a surprising number of political lawn signs of the opposition on resident’s lawns. The opponent says “Signs don’t vote”! And, that is literally true.

But, the people who feel strongly enough about the issue to display one of those signs on their property, DO VOTE! And, there is usually more than just one vote in each of those households.

So, keep the signs out until the issue is permanently put to bed.


Chuck 11/16

In addition to keeping an eye on the rezoning efforts, we need to add focus to the unjust mandates of COAH. Citizens can and must stand up and defend their communities and NOT accept anyone telling us how our community should be. Wayne is still a great place to live because the citizens make it that way, not because a government or court system.

David 11/15

Apparently…Susan Enderly is a “Zoning Officer" in Wayne. WE SHOULD HAVE HER REMOVED! [More on Quote of the Day - Update No. 25]

Nia 11/14

So the election is over, we have the same mayor, the same town planner, the same Planning Board, the same plans for rezoning are still on the table.  We need to keep up the fight!

Anonymous Wayne Resident 10/30

People, people. Let us not forget that Wayne has been taking years upon years to attempt completing the mess that is Hamburg Turnpike. If this does get passed, we won't even see these eyesores till 2040!

Nicole 10/26

Apartments do not bring in enough tax dollars. " luxury apts" do not fly here- need to be closer to city. Look at a nearby town - Luxury housing condo turned into luxury rental Housing - 2800 month for 2 bedroom . Spent 8 horrendous months there after re location back to Wayne from CA.
Turned into low cost subsidized rental Disaster. Had to leave. Stop with expansion of William Paterson bringing in traffic and problems with, I believe, tax exempt status. Plan will end up with low cost subsidized rentals, over
Crowded schools with more special services needed .
Wayne taxes are higher than Top Bergen towns without all the rateables Wayne has.
Wayne offers too many free Services. Focus on lowering high taxes and businesses will come. Have plenty of
low cost housing on Valley & Hamburg. Luxury mid rise condo housing on Hamburg — Breckenridge is not holding its value. Manitou is also losing value. Business — not retail —is needed.

Nia 10/26

So at the Debate this week, the Mayor said, “I get it!”

Thank you, Wayne Concerned Citizens, for spearheading this effort!

Will the Mayor charge through the opposition to his plan, or will he ditch his non-resident Town Planner and revitalize our town’s Economic Development Commission? Let’s keep active, Wayne homeowners!

George 10/26

Against Wayne zoning changes

Rhoda 10/26

Impressing on politicians that they are elected officials - in an election year - holds some weight.

Jeannie 10/23

Stop rezoning of wayne

Suzanne & Jeff 10/22

I am very against the rezoning of Wayne.

Ahmet 10/21

We, the undersigned, residents of Wayne, hereby demand that the Wayne Township Planning Board, and the Mayor and Town Council reject the proposed Master Plan Amendments and accompanying zoning changes that would change Wayne's commercially zoned properties to mixed-zoning (including low income and high density residential properties).

Paul 10/20

I hereby demand that the Wayne Township Planning Board, and the Mayor and Town Council reject the proposed Master Plan Amendments and accompanying zoning changes that would change Wayne's commercially zoned properties to mixed-zoning (including low income and high density residential properties).

Claire 10/16

Wow, thanks for this valuable information!  Time to get the word out about it .... You're doing a great job!!!

Carol 10/16

Wonderful good news

Surprise - Are you kidding? The only one surprised is the Mayor and his Council supporters. The largest appliance manufacturing giant, Haier America, is moving its U.S. headquarters to Wayne from Manhattan, bringing 500 to 600 jobs to Wayne.

Brenda 10/4

We need to have some kind of town survey to have residents recommend what they feel the town needs. What is Wayne lacking? Put people in shipping centers and door to door . Lets get the real pulse of the town. Resident for 50 years!

Cathy 9/27

I have received copies of your e-mails regarding the Township Master Plan.  I applaud all citizens for getting involved and speaking publicly about issues that affect all of us here in Wayne.

George 9/27

Thank You for your hard work — Wayne home owner since 1960.

James 9/25

Just read an article in the Herald News that quotes Mayor Vergano as saying “We were approached by various companies to build these types of units that have done marketing plans, that have business plans based on rental units that they have built in other parts of the state,” he said. “They are telling us that if they build luxury rental units ... they will be successful.”

If developers think luxury rentals won’t work, they won’t come, Vergano added.

So now the Mayor's advisers and sales people are the Developers? Since they stand to make bundles of money on this why would he or we depend on them for credibility? A conflict of interest you say?

“People made a lot of good suggestions, and we’re looking at all that,” Vergano said. “So we really don’t have a time frame of when this is all going to take place.”

Really? But is he saying he wants to wait until after his reelection bid. No! Tell us now what suggestions and when will we see the new plan. I say ASAP. And as another person commented tell us who these developers are and any incentives that have been discussed or agreed to.

Kathy 9/24

I have watched the videos of the Planning Board and Council meetings, and now I see where the Mayor  is saying he will think about revising his plan to  build high density housing in Wayne and rezoning our commercial properties.

But in my opinion he is stalling for time to get past the election and then ram this down our throats.  He needs to announce  NOW whether he will get rid of the rezoning of commercial property. If that is not in the new plan then it is a fraud. We need to know now what the new plan is.

And we need to know whether or not  the Town Council members are for or against this plan and the Commercial rezoning piece. And we need to know ASAP so we can decide on whether to vote for them or someone else more independent of the Mayor.

I also notice a speaker on one of the videos asked The Mayor to disclose to the public his meetings and contacts with developers and what incentives he has discussed with them. So Mr. Mayor... who are the developers and what's the deal. There is big $ in this  high density  development  stuff. I always say beware  when big bucks are flowing. Someone is always there to take advantage and leave the public holding the bag.

Let this administration  disclose  who are the developers and what are they offering to make the deal.

And …I am a Republican but this crosses all political lines and parties.

Catherine 9/19

Opposed to Master Plan proposal. Please add me to your list

Mike 9/19

I am a registered democrat and I do not like this mayor what so ever.  I think we should vote him out of office.  He is very bad for Wayne.  I will sign any petition and or recall his election so we can get him out of office.  The sooner, the better.  He doesn't seem to care about the people of Wayne.  He all about himself and making more money for himself.  If this plan somehow gets thru.  I will be one of the first one to move out of Wayne.  And I am sure I am not the only one that feels this ways.  Please let me know how I can help out with this issue.


Carol 9/19

Thank you .  You have put my thoughts in writing. (Reference to the Letter to the Editor - Record 9-15).


Melinda 9/12

Hello: I missed the town hall meeting. I live in wayne in point view. What can I do to stop this development? This will only end up with more low income renters & lowering all of our property values & increase in crime..
Thank you for doing this.

Lenore 9/12

I read the article this morning in the Wayne Today. But I was aware of this change in the town's Master Plan when it was first made public a few weeks ago. I knew from that date this was not going to be beneficial to our town, and I could not believe the mentality of this concept. And these men are in charge of our town's government? I would most certainly like to get involved in your group.

Lan 9/11

Completely against this change. Count me in for support against this poor proposal. I've joined your mailing list. If any petition needs to be signed or any help needed just let me know (via mail).

Joe 9/11

Kindly enroll me in campaign.

Martin 9/8

My name is Martin. I am opposed to Agenda 21, especially in my own town.

Joseph 9/8

The town's population of school aged children has not had a chance to change due to the inability of empty nesters to sell their homes due to the "Great Recession".  As this is ending, we are starting to see the natural trends coming back.    Houses are now being nold and families with children are moving in.   The NJ Real Estate Report (http://njrereport.com/)  lists large increases in pending home sales ....August 2013 – 303 (Up 42.3% YOY, Up 112% Two Year) The town does not need to look at accelerating an increase in population by building mixed use and high density housing. 

Carolla 9/7
I have been a resident of Wayne since October 1957, and have seen many changes to what was once an almost rural community.  Some have been beneficial, but many have not.  I am UNALTERABLY opposed to the proposal for high density, low-income housing.   I am the widow of a retiree, and an increase in  municipal taxes  would be unsustainable.

Ray 9/4
I so glad you people have set up this action. It's about time the over-taxed citizens of Wayne stand up to the governing bodies in this town.
In my opinion, the re-zoning they have planned will only contribute to the population thus over burdening the school system which of course is now 70% of the tax base. Not to mention the overcrowding of our streets and roads and leave forever eyesore surrounding this town.
Why haven't our politicians lobbied new business or enticed current businesses to stay here? For 10 years the State Farm building was empty and many of the commercial offices on Valley Rd extension where empty. Anyone trying to open a new business here in town are hassled by the inspectors and it takes weeks to open even a small storefront.
The pancake house had that fire probably 8 or 10 years ago. Why did a damaged building stay in that location without anyone from the town doing something about it or encouraging a new business to take over? Why does the town have to get involved to plan, or re-zone a Mall that has an owner? The town should be on his back to do something with his investment. Maybe lower the sales tax for the area or give the owner a break on land use tax so that he could offer lower rent to potential businesses that could rent from him.
Town officials want to fast tract this new plan, but what they ought to be offering is a fast track to new businesses to get up and operating!
Why try to create a new downtown center when we already have one? The storefronts in Mountainview section are just about empty. That area would be great for a small store area. The town should redo the sidewalks, add some nice lighting and encourage a developer to build adjacent store structures/buildings extending down to the paint store and old Chrysler building. I know that area floods, but there has got to be a solution to the flooding. Cut through the red tape and end this flooding issue forever! It's about time don't you think?
If this town is truly worried (add it ought to be) about it's tax burden then we need to take a long look at the high and mighty, seemingly untouchable, school system. That's 70% of our taxes! I used to work for the school board and I saw the waste. While the typical worker on payroll is doing all they can, the management is nowhere to be found when there is a crisis. Management seems to be happy to collect a check while mostly handing off problems to the underlings while they do little themselves. But, they will take all the credit when it comes to securing another contract year for themselves, with a bonus or at least a nice raise in pay.
Wake up Wayne! It's your tax dollar that is supporting the seemingly endless pay raises and bonuses!
I'm making plans to get out of town because I know I'm not going to afford to live here much longer on my fixed income.
Will the last person to leave please turn off the lights...or the heck with it, let the taxpayers foot the bill!

Judy 9/3
They should have let lowes put there store on the old state farm land 10 years ago and we would not be in this mess with high-density and low-income housing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chris 9/3
I have a few concerned neighbors, what can we do?



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