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There's an old saying that if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is. Our response to the Wayne Master Plan Revision.


Downloads to read, understand and get the word out to everyone in Wayne

FLYER — Download the flyer and print it out on your printer. It might answer many of your questions you have. Deliver this flyer to your neighbors up and down your street. Tell your friends about it and have them do the same on their streets. And deliver it other ways we haven't even thought of! We need your help to spread the word to friends, relatives, neighbors, organizations, clubs, your elected officials and anyone else you can think of.

WAKE UP WAYNE - A DETAILED ANALYSIS OF THE MAJOR ISSUES — The issues are very complex, but you will learn from this document. Its cites specific references you can also check to confirm the the positions cited in the document are, in fact, credible. Do the positions delineated in the document agree with the Town Planner recent presentations to the Planning Board? — NO. Worse yet, The Town Planner's presentations avoided addressing many of the major issues (eg., where's his traffic study?)

SCHOOL ENROLLMENT PROJECTIONS STUDY — Look at this one carefully. Its assumptions are based on other assumptions. And you remember Occam’s Razor? "The explanation requiring the fewest assumptions is most likely to be correct." By they way, The Whitehall folks (who did this study) weren't told anything about the Mayor's plan for high-density and low-income housing! What do you think that will do to the projections at over $16,000 a student when the tax rate goes NEGATIVE at about 1/3 student per apartment? You should also know that the Board of Education was not readly willing to release this study. It took an OPRA request (Open Public Records Act) to get it. Other OPRA requests have been filed to gain access to enrollment figures in many multi- family apartment developments in town — including Mountain View Crossing. Mountain View Crossing was cited by the Town Planner as representative student enrollment data - as to what to expect as we turn the town into plethora of low-income and high-density developments. Guess what — Mountain View Crossing is characterized as a "transient" complex with six-month leases. Of course, there are only 41 children (Planner number — we'll get the Board of Education numbers shortly through an OPRA request already filed). How about Kings Arms Apartments across from Berdan Avenue? Ever driven by there when the school bus arrives? We'll let you know on that one, too (another OPRA request).

WE ARE JUST GETTING STARTED WITH THIS DOWNLOAD PAGE. Wait till our experts on Planning, Law and other fields that focus on these issues come foreward. And those OPRA requests bore down on what's been happening in those closed-door meetings, emails, etc.

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