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There's an old saying that if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is. Our response to the Wayne Master Plan Revision.


Robbinsville Town Center

To alleviate overcrowding in the schools a 39.6 million dollar referendum was proposed but did not pass. Two years later, in 2012 a 18.9 million dollar referendum was passed raising taxes considerably.

“The district has faced overcrowding issues for years as the population more than doubled from 1990 to 2010, largely due to housing developments that have turned the once-rural Washington Township into suburban Robbinsville, highlighted by the Town Center development on Route 33 and Washington-Edinburg Road”. ( Mike Davis/The Times The Times, Trenton12/11)

Last year Sharbell Building Co submitted plans to build low income and high density housing but without the commercial component it had agreed to in 2007 because they maintained they could not find a suitable tenant. The town then started spending taxpayer dollars on advertizing themselves, including placing out of state ads to try and attract tenants. According to published reports Sharbell now wants to build even more low income and high density housing on the site than was originally proposed, and also a 200,000 plus square foot central building that would be part of an “entertainment sports complex”. The project would be” the centerpiece of Town Center South and aims to attract national sports tournaments and conventions”.

What Robbinsville’s experience shows is that, as in the case of the Livingston Town Center, developers are interested in the town’s better interest only when it corresponds with their own financial interest. In this case it evidently did not preclude the developer from costing the town what was probably hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal expenses and millions in school bonding costs even before you started adding in the per pupil cost to the school system.

More facts and issues in Robbinsville can be viewed at:


Shows how the residential part is still the issue causing no tax relief, despite comerical properties coming in. 

Talks about the COAH housing assessment. "Based on COAH;s new "third round" rules, municipalities must have one affordable unit for every five market rate units built..."

This article shows the additions being made to Robbinsville schools "The 40,000 square foot additoin at Sharon is the most ambitions part of an $18.9 million bond referendum aimed at alleviated the overcrowded school."

The developer took the town to court to lift the 55+ age restrictions from a development. The developer won and now it is open to anyone (including school age kids.) 
Follow-up. Again the courts ruled in favor of the developer and will allow for the age restriction to be lifted and low income housing must be included.  Town had appealed based on fear of even more students coming into the already overcrowded district and the town lost! 


example of strip mall losing businesses. When asked a resident state, "It’s like a third world country in there — so many of our stores are closed.”


With Robbinsville population growth comesstudent boom in schools