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There's an old saying that if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is. Our response to the Wayne Master Plan Revision.


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[Susan Enderly - on Facebook] -

Update No. 25

Comments by Wayne Concerned Citizens …

"When somebody bleats they are smarter and more informed than others, you can bet they are NOT. An ill-informed mouth proves it every time. Here we have an example of the arrogance of the political elite…the people are "stupid" and "imbecilic" and only she is smart enough to understand. Thanks for letting us all know that you are smarter, better and WOEFULLY UNINFORMED... and that you are a big supporter of the Mayor …and I guess his rezoning plan. I'll keep my sign up, thank you, until I hear that the plan is not merely delayed but dead. And thanks to all you "Low-Information Voters" in Packanack, Pines and all over Wayne who have informed themselves and decided to voice your opinion. For Susan Enderly apparently that is just too much to bear.

And isn't it interesting that after his reelection to an At Large position, Councilman Jimenez "liked" Enderly's Facebook comments. So now we know what this councilman thinks of Wayne citizens who disagree with him. Shame on you Councilman. Trust once lost is never really restored."


"The election being over is not relevant to the issue. And the condescending connotations of “Low Information Voters”, and the reference to “imbecilic Orange Re-Zoning Signs”, and “Stupid is as Stupid Does”(which belonged and should have stayed in the movie), not in Wayne, and the “Uggghhh” which are all totally disrespectful and inappropriate for “the guys and gals that brought you to the dance”. Which, unfortunately, will be remembered!"


Quote of the Day (Update No. 22)

"To All the "Low-Information Voters" of Wayne Township... You can TAKE-DOWN those imbecilic Orange Re-Zoning Signs... The Election is OVER! ~ "Stupid is as Stupid Does" --- Uggghhhh!" — Susan Enderly