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There's an old saying that if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is. Our response to the Wayne Master Plan Revision.


Update Listing

All updates are posted on this web site for easy reference or in case you missed one. It is easy to send this link to your friends and neighbors so they know what's going on with this critical issue in Wayne.

Update No. 31 — Top Wayne Story of the Year - Rezoning

Update No. 30 — Attend Council Meeting Wednesday 12/18

Update No. 29 — Presentation to Mayor & Council

Update No. 28 — Attend Council Meeting Wednesday 12/4

Update No. 27 — Sign Maintenance

Update No. 26 — We're Watching

Update No. 25 — Comments on Quote of the Day
(Update No. 22)

Update No. 24 — Thoughtful Comments from a Wayne Concerned Citizen

Update No. 23 — Major Milestone Achieved — Thank You!

Update No. 22 — Quote of the Day

Update No. 21 — The Facts Regarding Mayor's Campaign Letter

Update No. 20 — Letter to the Editor — Wayne Today

Update No. 19 — Proposed Master Plan Bad for Packanack Lake (Letter to the Editor)

Update No. 18 —They're here — "DO NOT REZONE" SIGNS for your lawn!

Update No. 17 — Surprise - Surprise! Corporate Headquarters Moving to Wayne

Update No. 16 —Join our new Facebook Site!

Update No. 15 — Council Meeting Wednesday October 16. Attend and speakup.

Update No. 14 — Council Meeting Wednesday October 16. Attend and speakup.

Update No. 13 — Come to meeting of Wayne Concerned Citizens, Monday, October 7, 7 pm

Update No. 12 — Council Meeting Wednesday October 2. You must attend.

Update No. 11 — Council hears continued opposition to redevelopment plans

Update No. 10 — Wayne master plan is not the answer (Letter to the Editor The Record Sept 24)

Update No. 9 — Master plan an issue in election
Mayor’s proposal for luxury units irks some in Wayne (The Record Sept 24)

Update No.8 — Economic Development Authority good for Wayne.

Update No. 7 — New Jersey Economic Opportunity Act of 2013 passed to help spur redevelopment for companies in towns — BUT WHERE IS WAYNE?? WHERE IS THE MAYOR??


Update No. 6 — A note from Jane Hutchison, candidate for Mayor, expressing her vision for Wayne as contrasted with the Current Mayor's Proposed Master Plan Zoning Changes

Update No. 5 — Letter to the Editor — published in The Record September 11Proposed master plan bad for Wayne

Update No. 4 — What happened at the Public Hearing held Monday, September 9. Pictures taken at the hearing.

Update No. 3 — Public Hearing to be held Monday, September 9.

Update No. 24 Town expose - The Town Planner's 'shining examples'

Update No. 1 — Two new sections have been added to the web site: About us and Blog